Warmonger Powell Hurts Obama

John McCain’s “friend”, Colin Powell, gave his buddy one last parting gift, maybe without even realizing it, when he announced his support of Barack Obama on Sunday. How, you might ask? Simple. Just do a search on your search engine of choice for Warmonger Colin Powell. I performed this task and came up with over 45,000 instances. Go ahead and read some of the articles there and you’ll find that, in spite of the usual liberal media spin, celebrating this as some sort of  validation and victory for Obama, this endorsement is not a good thing for the Obama team. Article after article reeks of the usual left wing hatred toward conservatives. Most liberals despise Powell for his involvement in the war in Iraq and for his being part of the hated George Bush administration. It would be unrealistic to expect the Powell haters to suddenly forgive and forget all they claim Powell did just because he has tied his wagon to Obama. Some will gleefully, publicly embrace him just to stick it to McCain, but deep inside they will still hate him. Others won’t forgive the man they loved to call “Uncle Tom” and may take it out on Obama for bringing the great warmonger into his party. They don’t want him on their team.

Meanwhile, McCain is happy to see him go. It’s another thing to separate him from the Bush administration.

When the rumors about it started swirling last week, this appeared to be a negative for McCain/Palin, but after having time to digest it, the endorsement by Powell will do more harm than good to Obama/Biden and that is why they are spinning this so hard.

Thanks, Colin.

Your (ex) pal,

Johnny Mac


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